Professional Linking Ropes Routine – Jeremy Pei – Review

jeremy pei professional linking ropes review

Here’s a confession – don’t think I had heard of Jeremy Pei before. However, as the introduction to this DVD told me he is 3 times Singapore Magician of the Year. So he clearly knows his onions. The routine is a classic linking ropes routine – 4 loops of rope link and unlink in a very visual and magical way.

You are provided with the DVD (with instructions in English and Chinese) and 4 special ropes to enable you to do the routine. I rather like the ropes. They aren’t like ‘magicians’ rope – but look more like the stuff that a climber would use, made in fluorescent pink, yellow and blue – so I think that immediately gives the effect some freshness, and perhaps makes them more convincing. I think it also hides the gimmicks better than standard magician’s rope.

Jeremy says he has been featuring the routine in his own show for ‘many many years.’ He doesn’t really look old enough to have done that (!) – but his performance which is very fluid makes it clear that he has done it many times!

The DVD is basic with just three sections – an introduction, performance and explanation. However it is more than adequate to the task. If you pushed me, I would have liked a few more angles and a bit more detail on the main moves – but in reality they are not that difficult and it is probably more use to experiment and find your own knack rather than simply slavishly copy his handling.

The routine itself has a few phases – three ropes link and unlink, then all four, then they make a loop, there’s a beautiful visual unlink and a final unlink. It flows nicely. He performs the routine to music – which seems a rather rarer sort of approach in the UK – but is good for us to learn from. But the routine as it stands would easily work with a patter approach. And, with a little imagination, you can (and probably should) come up with your own personal routine.

I always like tricks with ropes – they are nice and visual and easy to follow, and lend themselves to a variety of settings – from pretty much close-up, to a parlour or stage setting. This is no exception, and the quality of the props is strong – looking like they will last you a long time. Although we would have liked a little more explanation this gets a more or less unreserved recommendation from us.

Available direct from MagicDirect for £32 (at the time of writing).

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