Tiny Plunger Review

tiny plunger magic

Tiny Plunger by Jon Armstrong

So I have been using the Tiny Plunger Magic Trick goes as follows, the spectator selects a card, it gets shuffled back into the pack. The magician shows, what looks like a tiny sink plunger and plunges it down onto the face down deck. It’s lifted and along with it goes a portion of the cards, once turned over its seen to have ‘cut’ to the spectators chosen card.

This is just one scenario of this clever little trick and I love it.

The Tiny Plunger is nothing more than a Tiny Plunger but that’s the wonder it creates, it’s innocence. In the pack you receive two Tiny Plunger’s and a DVD, ¬†Mathieu Bich, Jon Armstrong and Garrett Thomas have collectively pieced together several routines on this full DVD. The spectator can even stick the plunger on the deck and cut to their chosen card. You can even have a number selected and the Tiny Plunger will cut that number of cards.

It seems unbelievably difficult to do and you can be forgiven for thinking so, however, this trick kind of works itself. Yes ok, you do have to be happy handling cards but its the technique with the Tiny Plunger that’s the secret. Everything is examinable and its lucky it is, as the props cause intrigue enough that the spectators want to take a closer look at the props. They can shuffle the deck and hand it back to you and within a second you’re ready to perform.

A pseudo explanation involving science is given to the spectator on how and even why the Tiny Plunger works. You then go on to demonstrate that even science can not explain what you have supposedly found out what Tiny Plunger can do with a deck of cards, its very clever thinking and frankly science is exactly why it works.

Very funny routines can be structured from this little prop which suit walk around and parlour style magic. Imagine having a small group of people gathered round you at a dinner party, you could have them entertained with this effect as a piece on its own.

It gives me the feeling of a throw away effect, when you first ¬†introduce it. However, within the first thirty seconds of the performance and this is the kind of thing that can have them like putty in your hands. So many gags are just waiting to be unleashed with Tiny Plunger and yet it is just so puzzling for people to understand that this unusual ‘toy’ can cut to their card!

The props are built well and will last for many, many performances. All I can say is get this piece of magic, its brilliant!

tiny plunger magic

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