Card Flourishes by Brad Burt – DVD


This IS the most complete collection of Classic Card Flourishes gathered in one place. It contains the “real work” that will enable you to DO these wonderful additions to any working repertoire. Contents:
Segment 1

Table Spread Flourish with Variations
Segment 2

Classic Pass (One Hand Cut)
The Reverse CXut – One Hand
Segment 3

The Knuckle Cut – One Hand
The Longitudinal Cut – One Hand
Segment 4

Brad Burt’s Triple One Hand Cut
Segment 5

Triple Pull Back Cut
Segment 6

The Spin Cut
The Triple Spin Cut
Segment 7

One Hand Shuffle
Segment 8

The Spring Flourish
Waterfall Flourish
The Spread Flourish
Segment 9

One Hand Display
Segment 10

One Hand Deal
Segment 11

The Two Handed Pressure Fan.

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