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As I perform at lots of weddings, I have been making the times on the watches match the time that the Bride and Groom got married! This is a fantastic way to make a magical effect really appeal on an emotional slant as well as a magical one. This has been getting fantastic reactions, not only from the Bride and Groom but also from the rest of the Wedding guests – what a great way to ensure everyone remembers their special time!

Of course this idea could apply to other events too.

Another cool idea would be to ask the spectator to write down a special time, and then the watch will match this time (idea came about from conversation with Paul Stockman!). This could be a close-up or stand up item. In addition to the standard Tick Tock routining, you would also need some form of peek to determine the selected special time. My business card peek as described on the Genetics DVD would work well here.

Finally, what about getting some blank cards (or on the back of a regular deck like the deck explained on the Tick Tock DVD) and writing down historic events on them, along with the sides that these events occurred. Nice! For example, could be the time when

the Titanic struck an iceberg – 11.40 p.m.

the second of the twin towers fell – 10.28 a.m.

the ceasefire in World War 1 was at 11 a.m.

Elvis was found dead on his bathroom floor – 2 p.m.

Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon – 2.56 a.m.

The Queen’s Coronation service started at 11.15 a.m.

Was David Beckham born – 6.17 a.m.

And the list goes on!!!!

Tick Tock – I love it!!!

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