Magic Tricks for Girls

magic sets for girls

Looking for magic tricks for girls this Christmas? After nearly ten years in the magic industry, I want to encourage more and more girls that it is possible to become a successful magician in the 21st century and that girls can pave their way in the world of magic. Previously, all famous magicians, with the exception of a few, have been males, and this has been very much emphasised in magic sets and magic tricks.

Well for the first time ever – we now have a magic set for girls – all pink and glittery – it shines like a star – like a pioneer to all the little girls who have been inspired by the recent wave of magic that has hit our TV screens by the likes of Dynamo and “Help my Supply Teacher is Magic” , but have never had the magic sets that have inspired others to buy magic for girls.

Magic set for girls

A Too Pink and Fluffy Magic Set?!

The only down side – and it may not be a downside depending on the little girl it is being purchased for, this magic set is very pink and fluffy – and would definitely sit highly in the eyes of fans of Barbie. Perhaps a little over the top and not appealing to those girls who like magic, but aren’t into the pink and glittery style- well fear not, there is plenty of magic sets that can cover that demographic also.

This particular magic set has been aimed at stereotypical little girls because it has everything from a pink magic wand, to a pink secret book to pink sponge rabbits. It comes with over 100 magic tricks, that are easy to understand and have been designed and selected to keep the attention of little ones. The instructions are simple, with most of the tricks being self-working and ready to go out of the box, which is also beautifully presented and makes a really lovely gift.

Not only are the magic tricks pink and glittery, they are teaching the foundations of magic which have been core over hundreds of years and although the same in other sets, where they have been designed to appeal to little girls, this keeps them interested until they are hooked on magic and ready to move onto the more hobbyist magic tricks.

Not So Pink Magic Set…

If you have a little girl that has expressed an interest in magic but isn’t into the pink, glittery, fluffy style then we also have this base covered too… A magic set with a rabbit puppet – The magic set is more generic colours and very much a unisex magic kit, but with the cute soft rabbit puppet, this could be every little girls favourite new toy.

Showtime Magic Set

Again, this magic set is beautifully presented and comes with everything you need to get going straight away, as well as easy to understand instructions for the magic tricks. However if on Christmas morning, your little girl isn’t into checking out the instructions of how to make the tricks work, she can play with a beautiful rabbit puppet, which is sure to keep her amused.

All of our magic sets have been carefully chosen and selected for little ones, with ideas to keep them entertained as well as teaching them some fundamental rules of magic, to build the small ones into magicians of the future.

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