Magic Sets for Kids 2013

Magic Sets for Kids 2013

So it’s that time of year again when mothers and fathers up and down the country or maybe even the world are on the search for the perfect Magic Sets for Kids, that they can give to their little budding magicians for Christmas or Birthday.  Well don’t panic! We know a thing or two about magic sets for kids. We have tried and tested literally hundreds if not thousands of different types of magic sets over my 30 years of experience of being a magician. I myself started with that Paul Daniel’s Magic Set when I was four years old and 30 years later I own 2 UK magic shops and dozens of magic related websites as well as being booked to travel the world successfully performing magic to many different people from many different cultures, I also won the title of British Magic Grand Prix Champion back in 2007 so that first magic set I got as a kid has paid off!

Dynamo style magic set for kids

Dynamo Style Magic SetSo have you been looking for a Dynamo magic set or kit to give your child?  We get inundated with requests for a Dynamo magic set but I am afraid to say that Dynamo hasn’t produced one, crazy I know, the most popular magician in the UK at the moment hasn’t produced a magic kit!  Dynamo has produced, lot’s of DVDs a book he has even been on the side of buses and Pepsi cans but no magic set! Not this year anyway!  I will see if I can hassle his team to produce one next year as I know you all want one 😉

Right, so if you can’t get a Dynamo Magic set what is the next best thing, well we have researched and we have chosen two, that happen to be from the same manufacturer, that are perfect for that Dynamo Style magic.

I present da da dah!… The Mind Blowing Bag of Tricks!

The Mind Blowing Amazing Bag of Tricks, is a really impressive magic set for a kid, but the best thing about it is the magic tricks inside the box WILL amaze adults if performed and learned correctly.  There are many magic tricks in the set that professional magician use but they may be dressed up in a different way.  For example, the paddles magic trick is a perfect example, this is a trick I regularly perform under different disguises but here Marvins Magic have made the paddles into a fly catcher trick, where flies appear and disappear off the stick and then jump into an envelope, I no mothers don’t particular like it BUT the boys LOVE it! Other magic tricks include escaping from chains (what boy doesn’t want to do that!), Vanishing pen which is perfect for a playground trick, but even could be used in a office for adults!!

Magic Set for Young Child

Now, if you think a Dynamo Style magic Set is a bit too advanced for the age of your child then perhaps the Showtime Magic Set will be more what you are looking for.

magic set for young child

The Showtime magic set is perfect for Children ages 4 and up and contains good quality self working magic tricks for the child to create their own magic show complete with hand puppet rabbit! Kids love these types of sets and they are always are most popular sellers at Christmas time. The tricks in this set are all very colourful, where pictures change colour from black and white to coloured in, a yellow ball will vanish from its cup and a little draw that vanishes objects.  It’s all very well made and for the price you can’t go wrong any child will be happy with this magic set.

Magic Sets for Girls

We haven’t forgotten about all the girls. Magic Sets for Children over the years have been very very male dominated in style, this is probably because of all the male magicians that have become famous over the years, like Paul Daniels, David Blaine and of course Dynamo over the last couple of years. There is no other reason why though that girls can’t be as good at magic as the boys but there has never been a sets designed with girls in mind, not until now though! I have been wanting to produce a magic set for girls for years so please that there is now finally one… and it is a really good one! The magic set contains everything pink! Pink magic wand, pink magic book, pink cards, pink pink and more pink! But just in case you think that there has been no thought into the set, as in thinking, I know I am going to create a magic set for girls, I will take all the boys magic tricks and paint them all pink that will do it!!! No, there has been more thought about the tricks then that, there is a lovely secret diary colouring book magic trick, where pictures of marmaids and other things girly suddenly become all colourful, as well as a nicely produced spiked coin effect and sponge bunny tricks. I think any young female magician would love a magic set like this! Although not being female I better leave that up to you!

When more magic sets come in we will be reviewing them for you but until then enjoy searching for the best magic set for your child!

By Keelan Leyser 2013



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