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A quick round up about whats new at Magic Direct!

  • OutFoxed DVD OUTNOW!

    After a long and anticipated wait OutFoxed is finally in stock. For the many of you that pre-ordered have been sent their copy 1st class today and we are looking forward to all the reviews coming in.

    If you are into restaurant or corporate magic then this DVD is for you.  This is a real chance to learn magic that has been designed for the busy magician in a 'close up' environment. Magic that requires no reset, can be performed in an instant from group to group, seated or standing. Here you have easy effects that require minimal practice, which will free your time to learn the more 'knucklebusting' sleights on this well thought out DVD.

    Magic involving mind reading, cards, business cards, even miniature toys from Wayne's incredible repertoire. His easygoing and fun way of teaching lets the 'moves and sleights' seem second nature to him, as they will you. Filmed at Watford Association of Magicians' Club in Hertfordshire, England, you get the full experience of truly joining the lecture as you hear the questions put to Wayne by the audience members.

  • Faith Healer Luke Jermay

    Faith Healer by Luke Jermay has been said by Michael Murray that this is a book for anyone who is serious about the art of mentalism. Almost all of todays modern mentalist are hailing this work as the most profound routines in mentalism ever written.

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  • Updates to the Magic direct android app

    We have made some inprovements to our Android app due to recent feedback. Feel free to redownload or update now to get all the latest magic shop uk and usa news to your phone now!!!

  • South Downs Magicians loved our magic tricks

    Wayne Fox flew the Magic Direct flag up high at the South Downs Magicians magic club.  The magicians at this club enjoyed watching all the magic tricks from the our UK magic shop demonstrated with fun and humour!  Sales were great so Wayne must be doing something right.  There were a lot of smiling faces at the end as they were going home with their new tricks.

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  • School of Cool Gregory Wilson

    We have just had the heads up that Gregory Wilson is about to release a fantastic new DVD by Big Blind Media called The School of Cool. We have had a look at the material on this DVD and it is fab! If you are new to flourishes and fancy showing off some skills to your friends, work colleagues or other magicians then this is the DVD for you! Take a look at the School of Cool DVD trailer here.

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  • Fox's Dealer Dem Magic Lecture Night...

    It's once again time to get our very own Wayne Fox out of the warehouse and back on the road giving his brilliantly entertaining Magic Lecture and in the spirit of the returned classic TV show "Catchphrase" that I saw over the weekend... I thought I'd give you a little guessing game of where Wayne's next dealer dem will be tomorrow night...

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  • Magic Direct Dealer Dem

    Last night Wayne Fox did one of the first Magic Direct Magic Shop Lecture Dems at the Anglia Magic Society! We have been flooded by Thanks you emails this morning by many that attended so it appears that a good time was had by all. More coming soon!

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  • OMNI PEN in stock now!

    Omni Pen is in stock now! A fantastic addition to your Permenant prediction and Not so sharp routines! Check it out here: Omni Pen

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  • How to create Magic Tricks

    Wayne Fox and Phil Sweeting have added some great articles to the online magic magazine check them out here

    Wayne has written a piece on How to create magic tricks and Phil has reviewed 6 by Six by Michael Muldoon! Check them out!

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  • Magic Direct coming to Blackpool!

    Magic Direct is pleased to tell you that we are going to be seeing you all at the 2013 Blackpool Magic Convention and we are so excited to see you all there!

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