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We wanted to keep you in the loop of the changes we are making within the company.

Firstly as you may have already noticed, we have changed our name from MagicTricks Ltd. to Magic Direct Ltd. There are several reasons behind this; the main reason is that we have grown up! MagicTricks.co.uk is very much a UK based brand. When the company started we didn’t know we were going to have the international presence that we have been lucky enough to gain due to the success of our extensive product range and successful international distribution of ground breaking products such as Mind Pad, Knockout Prediction Outdone, Genetics and many others.   We have moved into a more international arena and so as not to cause confusion or make customers feel alienated we have decided to rebrand as Magic Direct (MagicDirect.com). Secondly there are both UK and international websites with very similar names to MagicTricks.co.uk. This did cause some confusion and we received emails and enquiries that weren’t for us, and I’m sure vice versa, so wanted to have a recognisable yet unique name and Magic Direct sums up perfectly with what we do best!


For all the MagicTricks.co.uk fans who are UK based, the website will continue to run alongside Magic Direct and still offer new magic and exclusive Magic Direct products.

Magic Direct’s absolute focus is to continue to bring ground breaking new magic tricks and ideas to the magic community as well as being dedicated to improving your customer experience with us. We also want to create a rich and engaging learning environment for magic hobbyists and professionals worldwide, with our new iPhone and Android app, the Magic Direct post and our daily social Online Magazine updates as well as a very sophisticated new shopping website.

With 2013 just starting, we have so many projects in the pipeline, all of which will be making debuts throughout the year including new product releases, new concept ideas and more social interaction for everyone. Our experienced team have all bases covered to give the best customer experience in the industry. This site is currently in development so if there is anything you would like to see happen on the site which we don’t include already please do contact me directly I would love to hear from you.

The Magic Direct team are all off to the Blackpool Magic Convention tomorrow so I will update this page when I return will give you more information about us!

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