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Tiny Plunger Review

tiny plunger magic

Tiny Plunger by Jon Armstrong So I have been using the Tiny Plunger Magic Trick goes as follows, the spectator selects a card, it gets shuffled back into the pack. The magician shows, what looks like a tiny sink plunger and plunges it down onto the face down deck. It’s lifted and along with it […]

Magic and Technology

Hugo Shelley Electronic magic tricks

mag·i·cal (mj-kl)
adj. 1. Of, relating to, or produced by magic. 2. Enchanting; bewitching: a magical night Describing something as ‘magical’ always seems a little over the top – if not faintly absurd in the context of an actual magic show. Nevertheless, it’s at the core of what most of us try to achieve from an […]